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FUNDICIÓN ANGLO-ESPAÑOLA ALBERTO DE TORNER S.L. Primeras instalaciones para la soldadura de plata.

FUNDICIÓN ANGLO-ESPAÑOLA ALBERTO DE TORNER S.L. First installations for silver soldering.


Alecosa is a family business that was born in 1984 but that comes from a long tradition in the transformation of precious metals, an activity started in 1910 and that evolved in 1967 in the manufacture of brass wires.

TORNER CIA S.L. Segunda colada en continua para latón. Líder en España.

TORNER CIA S.L. Segunda colada en continua para latón. Líder en España.


La Fundición Anglo-Española Alberto de Torner introduced continuous casting in Spain and was the pioneer in Europe in the manufacture of brass by this process. The homogeneity and quality of its brasses allowed it, starting from scratch, to position itself as the leader of the national market. In this context, the company becomes Torner y CIA, S.L.

ALEADOS DEL COBRE S.A. Exportación 0%. Entrada en el Mercado Común.

ALEADOS DEL COBRE S.A.Export 0%. Entry into the Common Market.


The investments made to meet the new challenge posed by Spain’s entry into the European Union transformed it into the current Aleados del Cobre S.A. The constant growth of Alecosa was possible thanks to a higher reliability of its wires compared to the usual extruded ones.

ALECOSA Nuevas instalaciones de colada en continuo para 10 barras de latón. Tren de laminado de 10 etapas. Crecimiento en el Mercado Europeo.

ALECOSA New continuous casting facilities for 10 brass bars. 10-stage rolling train. Growth in the European Market.


Alecosa has always based the homogeneity of its products on a quality management system on the satisfaction of its customers. The investments and its R&D projects since 1990 have focused on three key points: efficiently satisfy our clients, continue to produce in Spain and also do so with environmentally sustainable processes.

Continua expansión en los mercados mundiales. 65% de las ventas en exportaciones. Proyectos de I&D: Planta piloto para la mejora de la colada en continuo para alambrones de latón y planta piloto para la mejora de la superficie de los alambres de latón en el recocido en continuo.

Continuous expansion in world markets. 65% of export sales. R&D projects: Pilot plant to improve continuous casting for brass wire rods and pilot plant to improve the surface of brass wires in continuous annealing.


The continuous expansion that Alecosa has been maintaining in all the markets related to brass wire shows that Alecosa’s vision has been fully shared by its collaborators.

90% de exportación. Nueva planta industrial ECOEFICIENTE. Mayor especialización en productos técnicamente avanzados. Nueva planta de recubrimientos industriales para alambres de latón.

90% export. New ECO-EFFICIENT industrial plant. Greater specialization in technically advanced products. New industrial coating plant for brass wires.


The new facilities inaugurated in 2005 are a starting point towards a permanent search for industrial and environmental efficiency that can guarantee the present and future needs of our clients.