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Our project: Constant efficient and environmentally sustainable growth.

In 1970 we began to forge our experience curve in the manufacture of binary copper / zinc alloy wires.

Our birth was more the fruit of ideas than of capital. In our first years we managed to make our way and stay in the market more thanks to the enthusiasm and determination than to the true possibilities of a tiny but incisive family business.

Our first vision has been fulfilled through the years: There was space for a company that would bring a higher quality brass wire to the market, at the right time and at an appropriate price. Our values ​​have led us to constant, efficient and environmentally sustainable growth.

Our future is based on the experience of more than 35 years of continuous improvement in the manufacture of brass wires. We were one of the first companies to develop continuous casting as a setting of homogeneous quality in the manufacture of brass wires and we are the first to unite EFFICIENCY and process ECOLOGY.


Albert de Torner Bignotti, founding partner of Alecosa

In our present we always project our vision of tomorrow and to guarantee its environmental SUSTAINABILITY we apply reverse logistics in our products, because a leading company in the present has to guarantee not only its economic future but also the environmental well-being of tomorrow.

We have a mix of experience and youth. Our people ensure the present and future satisfaction of our customers, guarantee economic efficiency without ever forgetting its sustainability, develop new technologies to improve all brass applications, and are closely related to our customers and suppliers since our success is based on your satisfaction.

We want to continue to evolve in the manufacture of brass wires and we hope to meet all expectations.